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Company Introduction

Leapton Solar is an integrated photovoltaic company focusing on Solar cells, modules, mounting and power system R&D, production and sales. Our products includes solar cells, modules, mounting system, ground screw, inverter, junction box,etc.

The headquarter – LEAPTON ENERGY CO.,LTD is founded in Kobe, Japan in 2012. It is not only focusing on R&D and sales of the solar power system, solar modules, mounting system and ground screw in Japan, but also focusing on the development, management and after-maintenance of the solar power station. We have built our own solar power stations all over Japan relying on our own resources. Now we have more than 200 cooperation agents in Japan and the marketing network has spread across Japan, from Hokkaido to Kyushu, Okinawa. In addition, Leapton has set up the logistics warehouses in Kanto, Kansai and central Japan, establishing a high- efficient logistics distribution system. With the continuous development and expansion of the business, in 2015, a branch was established in Tokyo, which is focusing on the sales of solar pv products.



In 2012, Leapton establish China headquarter in Shanghai – LEAPTON ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY(SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD, which is focusing on the sales of the distributed photovoltaic power system and EPC business. They are also responsible for the brand promotion of Leapton solar in China.



Leapton Solar(Jiangyin)Co.,Ltd is established in Jiangyin,Jiangsu in 2015 with the annual capacity of 200MW solar cells and 300MW solar modules.



The module factory – LEAPTON SOLAR(Changshu) CO.,LTD is established in Changshu, Jiangsu in 2017, which is focusing on the production and sales of the solar modules. With the most advanced automated production line in the world, the module annual capacity is 600MW. The products are strictly manufactured according to the Japanese industry standard, and have been supplying Japanese market for a long time, which is one of the top ten Japanese module brands.



Leapton Solar focuses on the design and system integration of high-quality products, and is committed to developing and promoting mid-to-high-end photovoltaic power generation system. With strong technical support, scientific production management and strict quality control, all the products  reach the industry leading level and have been approved by TUV, PID, Chemitox, SGS, CQC, GAMCORP and other international authorized certification.

Both domestic and industrial commercial projects, customers can enjoy a series of supporting services from the beginning, such as field investigation, measuring, design, installation and after-sales service.

Apart from quality assurance of our own company, we also choose to cooperate with professional insurance corporations to provide customers with the best after-sales service. Now our products are insured by quality insurance of China Pacific Insurance, liability insurance of China Pingan Insurance and so on to guarantee our client’s maximum benefits.

Leapton Solar is committed to providing sustainable energy solution to build harmonious and clean living environment for mankind.

In 2012, Leapton establish China headquarter in Shanghai – LEAPTON ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY(SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD, which is focusing on the sales of the distributed photovoltaic power system and EPC business. They are also responsible for the brand promotion of Leapton solar in China.

Core-Competence & Certificates

Module 25 years of product warranty

About spanning tons of solar energy products (solar cell module) manual on the basis of proper installation, on the assumption that it is routine maintenance in normal use in the environment, due to the materials and plant quality defects of our compensation.

In addition, when the quality of solar cell components do not meet the standards, leap tons Energy Co., Ltd. for 25 years, maintenance, otherwise we will exchange.

The housing system peripherals 25 years quality assurance 1 application is trained by ID who through mandatory construction of our certification.

1 if we cling to our roof mounted spare bracket specification, will be a solar module, power regulator, frame of a group of 25 year product warranty. (in addition to cable monitor)

Module 25 years quality output

(10 years of age, the maximum output is within the scope of the protection of a large amount of output of 80% guarantees) within a period of 25 years

If the output in the solar cell module has been compared to the rated maximum output tolerance range decreased to the lowest permissible value, or in more than 10 years has been 10%, if in 25 years reduced by more than 20%, in addition to the solar cell module, repair or replace what you do.


Insurance certificate

This insurance, injury or illness is made by the solar cell module of death caused by the insured, compared to a loss or damage to property, it will be in the insurance period, insurance within the scope of compensation

And customers from the sale of 10 years, the insurance is the insurance output module, above rated maximum output and data described in Burke’s 90% piece case, we will ensure the maintenance and replacement of modules.

And customer marketing, since 25 years, the output of this insurance refers to the insured module, and in the data sheet described in the following cases: rated maximum output of 80%, we will ensure that the module maintenance and replacement.

And customers within two years from the date of shipment, we will ensure that these insurance is the material and product level is normal.

In addition to solar cell modules, we will also respond to the risks of our products sold

Production Process

Solar PV module production plant

Leapton solar energy components factory is located in Jiangsu Jiangyin, a full set of production equipment used in today’s international most advanced automated production lines, large-scale production of high-quality products, with strong technical support and strict quality control, the company has passed the certification of TUV, PV modules PID, Chemitox, JET and other international authoritative organization.

Solar PV module production process

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Leapton Solar Company Introduction